SUPA Competition Rules – SUP Surfing

Australian Championship Titles

State championships are held and act as a qualifier for the national event (Australian SUP Surfing Championship title).   

First ten (10) from each state championship event in each division qualify for the Australian Championships, plus eleven (11) to twenty (20) place getters qualify as reserves for the Australian event.

-Must be a SUPA member or a SUPA affiliated SUP club member
-Resident of applicable state
-Australian resident

1) The Contest Director will decide the composition of heats, e.g. seeding, draw, format etc.
2) Heats will be of six, four or two suppers. The Contest Director will decide after the entries have closed. Beach entries allowed at the discretion of the Contest Director.
3) Heat progression, in certain divisions, is up to the discretion of the Contest Director on the day and will be set out before the contest begins.

Heat Start / Duration /  Finish
4) Heats will be started and finished on two 3 – second blasts on an air horn or siren. The two blasts will be 5 – seconds apart. The first blast is to notify the end of a heat and the second blast to start the following heat.  Or, heats will be started and finished on a single blast on an air horn or siren.  Choice of start method will be decided by the head judge..
5) A flag system will also signify start and finish of heats, green to start, yellow for 5 minute warning and red to stop or end heat. When the heat is ongoing a green flag will fly, a yellow flag 5 minutes to completion of heat, and red when no heats in progress.
6) Surf starts, the competitors in the next heat are allowed to paddle out on the yellow flag (i.e. 5 minutes remaining) suppers can only paddle towards the line-up when start of the next heat has been sounded or flagged. Paddling interference on the heat under way, will incur a penalty.  
7) Heats will be 20 minutes in duration. Time of heats will be decided by the Contest Director in consultation with the Head Judge on the day of competition. Changes of heat times must be made prior to start of heat. Changes are not permitted whilst a heat is in progress.
8) Once the final siren/flag signals the completion of a heat, no further rides or take-offs will be judged.
9) The ruling also applies to clearing the designated SUP surfing competition area before the day’s events begin.
10) The judging area will be between two beach markers / flags.

Wave Scoring and Wave Limit
11) The top 2 waves will determine the competitors place in the contested heat.
12) There is a 10 wave limit to the amount of waves that may be caught for all 20 minute heats and 20 minute semi-finals.  There is a 15 wave limit for 30 minute finals.

Check In / Out
13) Contestants are to check into the Marshall Area ten (10) minutes prior to heat to collect their respective competition singlet. Singlet’s are to be returned immediately after completion of heat.
14) At the completion of each heat, suppers will immediately return to beach to avoid possible confusion with competitors in the next heat.  Infringement will incur an interference penalty.

15) On request to the Contest Director, judging and tabulating score sheets will be checked by Head Judge, Tabulator and Contest Director only.  Suppers do not have access to judging and tabulating score sheets.
16) SUP photographers need authorisation from the Contest Director to enter competition SUP surfing area.

17) When the event is in progress any supper in the competition area will be penalized. The penalty will be immediate disqualification of the offending supper.
18) Competitors found guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior may be liable to competition disqualification. The Contest Director will call Contest Committee to an emergency meeting for the adjudication of the offending competitors.
19) Suppers have to make all reasonable efforts to stay on their feet.  Failure to do so, will result in 3 warnings.  After 3 warnings, one point will be deducted.
20) Twirling paddle above head or by sides is not allowed and will result in reducing score.

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