SUP Australia was established to provide SUP dedicated events that catered for a range of SUP race disciplines and represented the unique needs of stand up paddlers, also known as ‘suppers’.

Different sporting organisations were holding some SUP events. However, SUP competitors often felt secondary to the needs of the host sport. SUP competitors were also paying membership fees to each of the different sporting organisations making it expensive and disjointed for suppers.

At an inaugural meeting in August 2010 in Sydney, a small group of suppers got together to discuss creating a SUP association and thereby giving SUP its own rightful identity.

The aim was to create the structure required by the Australian Sports Commission to set the foundations for a strong SUP Association.

This included putting in place the legal entities, creating a competition and education framework and supporting the development of a network of SUP clubs.

This monumental task has involved hundreds of volunteer hours by people committed to the vision of a dedicated SUP Association.

SUP Australia has now launched with a structure in place and ready to go the next stage in its evolution.

SUP Australia will only continue to grow with the support from the SUP community, and from those who have the vision to grow the sport as one.

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